What Do We Collect?

The Museum collects objects and specimens pertaining to the prehistory, history and natural history of the White Rock area. The Museum is committed to professional standards of documentation, preservation, research, exhibition and interpretation of its collections.

Use of the Collection

The Museum maintains two collections, a permanent collection and a teaching collection. The permanent collection is maximized through in-house exhibitions and programs, while the teaching collection is used for public programs and school groups.

Building Our Collection

Donations are the main method of expanding the Museum's collections. Donations encourage community involvement and an awareness of the museum as a safe repository for heritage objects.  The Museum is currently seeking material that covers the time period of 1900-1960.

What are we Looking For?

Objects related to the history of early pioneers, prominent residents and White Rock families. Items that relate to civic and political developments in White Rock. Objects related to community organizations, associations and clubs. Signs, equipment, uniforms, furnishings and items that pertain to White Rock businesses. Objects related to the Great Northern Railway and train history in White Rock. Uniforms, equipment, and ephemera related to sports and recreation in the area. Items related to the natural history of the White Rock and South Surrey area.  

Further Information