Train 3
  1. White Rock has three designated heritage sites. What are they?
    1. Station, Cenotaph, City Hall
    2. Cenotaph, Pier, Station
    3. Station, Pier, Rock
    4. Station, Pier, Elm Street

  2. Which company owns the railway on the beach in White Rock?
    1. Great Northern
    2. Canadian Pacific
    3. Burlington Northern Santa Fe
    4. Canadian National

  3. In 1960 the City of White Rock changed the name of the street running along the beach to Marine Drive. What was it called before 1960?
    1. Waterfront Road
    2. White Rock Avenue
    3. Beachview Road
    4. Washington Avenue

  4. In which year did White Rock separate from Surrey and become a city of its own?
    1. 1953
    2. 1957
    3. 1960
    4. 1946

  5. The White Rock Station is about twice the size of a regular train station of its era.  This is because it was used for another activity besides the business of railway traffic. What was that activity?
    1. Customs port
    2. Community Hall
    3. Fire Hall
    4. City Hall

  6. The City of White Rock takes its name from a large rock on the shore of Semiahmoo Bay.  Which one of the following statements about the rock is false?
    1. It is a glacial erratic left here after the last ice age.
    2. At one time, the city considered moving it to a more appropriate location.
    3. It is the largest sandstone boulder in BC.
    4. The city regularly paints it white.
  1. c
  2. c
  3. d
  4. b
  5. a
  6. c