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The Art Wall

The MUSEUM ART WALL PROGRAM celebrates the imaginations of youth in our community. It provides an opportunity for schools on the Peninsula to partner with the Museum to showcase art work created by local children and young people (elementary aged through college) in our exhibit gallery.

Approximately every two months, artwork from a different participating school is featured on the ART WALL. A reception is planned for the students and their families during the exhibit, and participants are awarded a certificate from the Museum and given a chance to speak publicly about their artwork. For many young people, this is the first opportunity they have had to showcase their talents.

If you are interested in having your school participate in the Museum Art Wall Program, please contact the museum by e-mailing or calling 604.541.2251. We would be delighted to talk to you about this opportunity.

How The Program Works
  • Art pieces can include any medium such as painting, sketching, fibre art & photography
  • Each school will select the art work to be submitted for display
  • Schools are encouraged to have art work coincide with the theme of the current museum exhibit
  • All art work submitted must be ready to hang
  • Schools are responsible for transporting art pieces to and from the Museum
  • The art work will be displayed at the discretion of Museum staff, who reserve the right to not hang all pieces submitted
  • The Museum will host a reception to honour the students’ work
  • Art Wall dimensions 7’ x 8’

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  • Winter: Mid-January - March
  • Spring: April - May
  • Summer: June - August
  • Fall: September - Mid-November